Washing the dishes, making the beds, combing the knots out of curly heads,
Making the meals, folding the clothes, where does it end? Nobody knows…

But I’m washing the feet of my family,
Lord, let me do it with joy.
When I’m washing the feet of my family,
I’m a servant in the Savior’s employ.
Each little task, no matter how small, is something I’m giving,
I’m giving my all.
I’m washing the feet of my family,
Serving the Savior with joy.

I’m a big helper, I’m a great cook, read my sister a story from her favorite book.
Take out the trash, pick up the floor, no matter what I do, there’s always more.


And even if you’re far away from the family of your birth,
Serving among the family of God is the sweetest joy on earth.

(I’m) (Chorus)


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