I woke up this morning with sand in my eyes.
It seemed such a trial to wake up and rise,
But a still, small voice called me to meet with the Lord,
And these were my thoughts, as my feet hit the floor:

Nothing is too precious for You,
Nothing is too costly to offer.
Nothing is too precious for Jesus,
Nothing is too hard for me to suffer.
If He asks of me for His glory,
In my heart I’ll gladly say,
Nothing is too precious for You,
O, Lord, I will obey.

Maybe you’re smiling at my sacrifice,
Getting up in the morning is such a small price,
But here lies the secret of true faithfulness:
In great things and small things, we’ll stand the test.
And we’ll say…


With a heart of true surrender,
When we’re walking in His way,
His commandments are not grievous,
It will not be hard to say…


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