Peter was willing to die for the Lord.
These are the words that he said.
But when Jesus forbade him to fight with the sword,
He turned with the others and fled.
With eyes that were fleshly, he failed to see
The way of obedience and humility.



Lord, show me the way of the cross that You bore,
I've tasted Your grace, and I'm longing for more.
I'm seeking the life that flows from Your word.
Show me the way of gaining in loss.
Show me the way of Your cross.


God restored Peter, and gave him new sight,
Oh, what will He do now for me?
Lord, I am longing to walk in the light,
The way of Your truth let me see.
With eyes of the spirit, help me to know
The way of obedience, in which I must go.




Show me the way of Your cross, Lord.

Show me the way of Your cross.


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