When I feel afraid, and dark is my way,
When I cannot find the words I should pray,
His voice comes to me, a song in the night, 
And all the fears and shadows flee before His light.




He says, I am peace.  I am joy.
I am all in all. I am strength to stand.
I am truth, I am love, 
I am all you need, for I am that I am.


The world cannot give the peace of my Lord.
Their words cannot bring the joy of His word.
His burden is light, and easy His yoke,
He gives me rest, He gives me life, He gives me hope.




I am courage in the fight, I am He that holds your hand.
I am refuge in the night, for I am that I am!!

I am peace, I am love,
I am all you need, I am all you need, I am all you need,
For I am that I am ---
I am!


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