For so long we've sought revival for the land in which we live
Praying God for mercy and the power He can give.
But if we would truly find the miracle for which we search,
May we seek a broader vision--O, Lord, revive Your church!



Oh, Lord, we need revival all around the world,
Let Your spirit come in  power, 
And Your banner be unfurled,
Let Your name be exalted wherever it is found.
Oh, Lord, we need revival all the world around.


We who look for Jesus' coming know the time is very near
For the end of God's longsuffering,
For the day of wrath and fear.
Though we wait with joy and trembling to be standing by His side,
There are souls as yet not gathered in --- O, Lord, prepare Your bride!


His power is not limited to what we see and know,
When we're praying in the Spirit,
He will make our vision grow!




We need revival all the world around.


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