They brought me to the temple, to where Jesus was;
They told Him all my sin and what I'd done.
According to the Law, I deserved to die,
I stood in judgment there before God's Son.

His enemies demanded to see justice done.
He knelt and simply wrote upon the sand,
And when He stood to speak, I trembled in my soul.
And with these words He answered their demand.

"He that is without sin cast the first stone."
Then one by one, I watched them walk away.
(He said), "I do not condemn thee, go and sin no more."
And I have lived a new life since that day!

He did not cast a stone,
He did not lift His hand.
The justice of His love
Was all He would demand.
I deserved to die,
For all that I had done.
O, praise His name,
He did not cast a stone.

O, ever since the day my Savior set me free,
My life has been for Him and Him alone!
He was the only One without sin on that day,
But He chose not to cast a stone!
© 2001-2010 Abigail Miller Ministries


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