Some may walk on mountains, and drink that mountain air,
But others are not suited to stay for long up there.
It seems I've seen more valleys lately, in my pilgrim way.
The sun is often hiding, and the clouds are often gray.

Oh, I've not seen the sunset from the mountaintop in years,
And I've not seen the stars shine from up where it's bright and clear.
But I have never lost my faith in sunshine and in stars.
I know that mountaintop cannot be far. 

So keep on climbin', pilgrim, and don't give way to fear.
In the mountain or the valley, the Lord is always near.
And He knows every step you take--He'll never lose your way.
The path He puts your feet upon leads to the cloudless day!

Sometimes we see the journey, and so forget the end,
But if we keep on holding to the hand of God our friend,
One day the clouds will break apart, and suddenly we'll see,
The mountaintop is right beneath our feet!


I know that mountaintop cannot be far.
© 2001-2010 Abigail Miller Ministries


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