He leads His flock like a calm, gentle Shepherd,
He takes the lambs in His arms, to His bosom,
He ever keeps, never sleeps, never slumbers,
Calling His own as He tenderly woos them.

Chorus: He will gently lead those with young,
He will gently lead them with a song.
He will hold your hand, give you strength to stand,
'Til the better land is in sight.
He will gently lead you through the night.

Who knows His pow'r, who has given Him counsel,
He holds the seas in His hand, in its hollow,
He weighs the mountains and hills in a balance,
His the great pow'r we exalt as we follow.


Bridge: Who can comprehend such gentleness?
Who can measure such great pow'r?
The One who has created the universe
Is mindful of you--every hour.



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