The king had planned a wedding feast,
To honor his dear Son.
He sent his men to tell the honored guests
The time had come.
But the foolish men made light of it
And went, each one, his way,
And the king was told, "There are no guests
To bless this wedding day.

The king, in anger, sent his men--
"Go out into the streets,
And call the lost, the blind, the
dumb, the lame with broken feet,
And still when this was done,
the servant said, "Yet there is room."
The king replied, "Go out once more--
Compel them all to come."

Chorus: Compel them, compel them to come in.
Far too long they have wandered in the darkness of their sin.
There is rest at my table,
There is peace and joy within,
So compel them, compel them, compel them to come in.

And now the King of Heaven
plans the Supper of the Lamb.
We have a special 
invitation from the Great I AM.
He bids us go to every creature,
Spread the Gospel word,
Go out into the highways to the ones
Who've never heard.

Oh, the highways and hedges are
so filled with lost and blind,
He said, "Go and bring as many
as ye find!"


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