Glorify Yourself in Me

Looking in the mirror, eye to eye,
I see nothing there to glorify.
For I am but a child, helpless on my own,
Any glory from my life is for You alone.

If You are lifted up, You will draw all men,
So draw all men through me.
Let Jesus' holy name, through my life be proclaimed,
Let Christ be all that others see,
Lord, glorify Yourself in me.

This broken lump of clay, this human form,
Has often missed the way, so weak and worn.
O, Spirit fill me now, fill and overflow,
Let glory, joy, and peace through the darkness show!

(repeat Chorus)

Bridge: O, let my face be hidden, my talents be unknown,
If only that the love of Jesus Christ be shown!

(repeat Chorus)

Lord, glorify Yourself in me.


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