I Have Seen Him

O, to stand upon the seaside, near Him, and hear Him speak His wondrous words!
O, to join the masses thronging around Him, who found Him, and gladly stood and heard!
O, to hang on His words, with Mary, or to kneel with her and wash His dusty feet!
O, to be among the ones who saw the Son, who touched Him as He passed by in the street!

But I have seen Him, tho' never with my eyes,
And He is near me, so tender and so wise,
I've felt His arms around me, and His touch has made me whole,
I know I've seen Him in my spirit and my soul.

O, to sit beside the beggar, who saw Him, and called Him to heal a dread disease!
O, to be there by the way with the blind man His kind hand touched and made to see!
O, to reach forth and touch His garment, or to lean my head, as John, upon His breast!
O, to hear Him say, in company that day, "Come unto Me, and I will give you rest!"

(repeat chorus)

O, blessed are ye that have not seen, yet believe!
I've seen Him, and He's with me,
In my spirit and my soul.


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