One Thing 

One thing is needful, just one thing I crave,
To sit at the feet of my Lord.
Riches that cannot be taken away,
I drink in His mercy, and peace is restored,

Yes, one thing, that one thing is Jesus,
To know Him, and in Him be found.
One thing, I count all things loss for that one priceless treasure I see,
That one thing is Jesus to me.

One thing is needful, one thing I desire,
To dwell in the house of my Lord.
To gaze on His beauty, and burn with His fire,
To stand in His presence, where grace is outpoured!

(repeat chorus)

One thing is needful, this one thing I do,
I press toward the mark of my Lord,
To know Him in power, in sufferings, too,
Forgetting things past, reaching toward my reward!

(repeat chorus)

That one thing is Jesus, to me.


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