The Great I Am Still Is

Words and music by Phil Cross and Twila LaBar, ©2006 by Bridge Building, a division of Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing/Upright Grand Music/Cameron Hill Music (BMI)

Israel's Deliverer, Divider of the sea,
Conqueror of Jericho, Jehovah set them free,
Some think of these as fables, with no relevance today,
But God's past power never passed away.

The Great I Am still is.
The heavens and the earth are His.
He's the merciful Almighty, forever holy,
In everything we must remember this.
The Great I Am still is.

To all the walking wounded ones, who seek to make things right,
For stranded souls in darkness, who long to see the light,
For those who tread a troubled road and feel they can't go on,
There's a promise we can stand upon!


I can stand in every test,
For the Great I Am still is.
I can lose it all and still be blessed,
For the Great I Am still is.
I'm a sinner saved by grace because,
The Great I Am still is.
And I'm not today what I once was,
For the Great I Am still is.



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