More Faithful
words and music by Abigail Miller

In the quiet morning light, blessings spread before my sight,
And for safety through the night, I thank you, Lord.
For Your presence always there, all your mercy and Your care,
I lift my heart to You, in a simple prayer.

Lord, I want to be more faithful, more true, more devoted, Lord, to You.
I want to be more holy, more sincere, O, Lord, give me ears to hear.
May I feel your presence near, and may I be more faithful.

In the busy-ness of time, as the mounting pressures climb,
Let me still my hurried mind and thank You, Lord.
For Your keeping all day through, loving-kindness ever new,
I pause to lift my heart, and say to You...(Chorus)

In the stillness of the night, tho' the world is far from right,
For the gifts of hope and light, I thank You, Lord.
And as I review the day, seeing how I missed the way,
I turn once more to You, and humbly pray...(Chorus)

Faithful, like You.


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