The enemy had smitten me; I fell down to the ground. 
He told me I could not be free, He planned to keep me down.
I felt the heavy burden of my guilt, the weight of shame.
I cried out in despair; I only had myself to blame.

Chorus: (But) In His mercy He came, and He lifted me from shame.
He wrought a great deliverance, through the power of His name.
And my defeated foe had to turn and let me go,
Because the power of Christ rests on me.

O, brother, are you sinking down in unbelief and sin,
And Satan has been telling you that he will always win?
Rise up in faith, remembering your victory in Christ,
He paid the price so we could walk in new, abundant life!

(Chorus) Oh, if only we realized the power of our Lord.
If we could only trust His promises, believing every word.
He’s so much greater than we know, so much greater than we see.
Rise up in faith and claim your victory!

(Chorus) Your defeated foe will have to turn and let you go
When the power of Christ sets you free.


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