Remember the Cross
words and music by Abigail Miller

Sometimes my load seems too heavy to bear,
I look for friends and there's nobody there.
When I am down and my spirit is low,
There is a secret I know.

When I remember the cross that He bore
When He walked down that Calvary road.
When I remember the crown that He wore--
How He stumbled, so heavy the load.
When I think about the sacrifice that Jesus made that day,
Then it doesn't seem so much to ask to give my life away.
My burden eases and my faith increases to bear any pain or loss
When I remember the cross.

If you are struggling and troubles abound,
I'd like to give you the hope I have found.
Knowing that Jesus did so much for me
Changes the way that I see.


Bridge: In the cross, in the cross, be my glory ever. Ever!



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