Music in His Hands
words and music by Abigail Miller

Dusty wood,
Ravelled strings,
Just a pile of useless things,
Lying on a workroom floor,
What could these be useful for?

'Til He comes,
With His hands,
Silently, He works His plans,
Makes an instrument appear,
Makes His purpose clear.

For the Master crafts with music in His hands.
He guides His tools so deftly, and He always understands.
He's not hasty or mistaken in His patterns or His plans,
For the Master crafts with music in His hands.

Are you there?
On that floor?
Wondering what you're useful for?
Wait and see what He will do.
He has certain plans for you.

Yield to Him,
In His time,
He will make His beauty shine
Through each instrument He makes.
He makes no mistakes!


He knows the final goal
As each instrument is tried.
He never ceases working
Until He is satisfied!



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